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Mine Ventilation Monitoring

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The mine health and safety act make numerous mentions of the employer’s responsibility to ensure correct ventilation underground.  The answer to the problem lies in automated IIOT systems which provide real-time monitoring and feedback 24/7.


The benefits of using an Enviro-Watch station are that it will:

  1.  Allows for well-informed decision making about the underground environment

  2.  Increased the accuracy of the simulation models for the mine ventilation.

  3. Enhance safety due to 24/7 remote monitoring with alerts if anything goes wrong

  4. Lower cost due to reduced site-visits and maintenance

  5. Increased productivity because of less ventilation downtime




Enviro Watch

Our solution The Enviro-Watch multi-variable air quality station measures precise wet and dry bulb temperatures as well as any external sensors needed by the mine.

This allows miners to return to their workplaces sooner and in a safer manner, alternatively should you need to investigate an incident live data is available for the investigation and not just spot checks.

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